Floods Wreck Havoc on Mombasa Road [VIDEO]

  • The Kenya Meteorological Department has warned Nairobi Motorists of ongoing flooding along Mombasa Road.

    In a statement, the weatherman asked the motorists to take precaution of the heavy flooding even as long rains begin across various parts of the country.

    Kenya Met was responding to a video that showed vehicles struggling to wallow through the brown waters that were flowing at higher speeds.

    On Thursday, March 30, Kenya Met warned Nairobians of the impending heavy rains in the capital.

    Specifically, the meteorological department stated that more rains would be experienced on Wednesday, April 7, and Thursday, April 8.

    Other parts of the country expected to receive rainfall include; the Lake Victoria Basin, the Highlands West of the Rift Valley, the Central and South Rift Valley, the Highlands East of the Rift Valley (including Nairobi County), and the South-eastern Lowlands.

    “These rains mark the onset of the rains over these areas, however, intermittent dry spells are likely to occur as earlier predicted,” reads the statement in part.

    In almost every rain cycle, Mombasa Road experiences drainage challenges as a result of the ongoing construction of the Nairobi Expressway valued at Ksh 65 billion.

    In December 2020, the flooding wreaked havoc after an overnight downpour living many residents along the busy routes stranded.

    The construction of the Nairobi Expressway aggravated an average rainfall into floods due to the disruption of the waterways and drainage systems along the road. 

    The most affected sections, at the time, included the area around the Bellevue/South B Junction and Imara Daima/City Cabanas. 

    The heavy flooding covered up road barriers, creating a hazard for motorists who would have driven into the trenches and pits dug by the Nairobi Expressway workers. 

    The construction of the double-decker road is expected to be completed in December 2021.

    Nairobi Expressway under construction in Westlands, Nairobi

    Nairobi Expressway under construction in Westlands, Nairobi


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