Issuance of Title Deeds to Nairobi Land Company Cancelled

  • The Ministry of Lands has cancelled the issuing of the Embakasi Lands Company leases and title deeds in a public notice on April 4, 2021.

    According to the statement released by Lands CS Farida Karoney, the exercise which was scheduled for April 12, 2021, was cancelled in compliance with the public order act evoked by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    This is the second time the exercise is being cancelled, with the earlier cancellation being made to allow for the correction of errors.

    Lands CS Farida Karoney

    Lands CS Farida Karoney


    The errors caused disputes among the plot owners, forcing the ministry to make corrections to the documents.

    In some cases, the Lands Ministry rushed to issue title deeds without completing a survey as required by law, a mess that contributed to the double allocation of some parcels. 

    The history of the Embakasi Ranching Company dates back to 1975 when it was formed with a focus on agriculture.

    Over the years the company was marred with cases of violence and land fraud where some owners were not issued with titles leading to rampant land grabbing.

    According to the latest information from Lands officials conducting the exercise, 6,893 title deeds have been issued and 1,925 leases signed.

    This is more than triple the total number of title deeds that had been issued to shareholders of the company between 1975 during its inception and 2018, before the launch of the Nairobi Titling Company by President Kenyatta

    The president’s Nairobi titling programme has so far seen 153,000 title deeds issued to landowners in Nairobi. 

    The Lands Ministry is also conducting a transition to a new lands registration system for parcels of land across the country. 

    This means that all titles issued under repealed laws would be cancelled and replaced with titles under the Land Registration Act, 2012.


    File: President Uhuru Kenyatta and Lands CS Faridah Karoney


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