Shaffie Weru Lands New Job Days After He Was Fired From Homeboyz.

Former Homeboyz presenter is apparently making a come back into the media space days after he was sacked from Radio Africa owned Homeboyz Radio (HBR).

This time though, The Reverend is coming back as an ambassador for a digital learning website and not as a presenter.

Taking to his social media pages, Shaffie shared a project that he had done with a company called Darasa.

““Before I was turned into a villain overnight…I had done something dope with @darasakenya,” he wrote

A spot-check on the company’s website reveals that it is an E- learning platform in Kenya that combines technology and educative content to provide exciting learning experience.

The company has picked the experienced media personality to push its brand, offering a life line for the entertain who lost his job barely to years into HBR.

Shaffie has been on the radio for over a decade and over the weekend his end began when together with fellow cohosts DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville they made comments that glorified Gender-Based Violence.

They were sacked after asking if women are to blame for being attacked.

The trio was discussing a court case in which a man was accused of pushing a woman he had met on Facebook out of a 12th-floor window on their first date.

Shaffie was sacked alongside his Lift-Off morning show co hosts Neville Muysa and DJ Joe Mfalme.

The trio were accused of making remarks that appeared to be supporting Gender Based violence.

Outrage spread on social media as commentators accused the hosts of victim-blaming.

Kenyans said the comments glorified violence against women forcing the government to suspend the show.

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