PSG: new controversial banner of a group of supporters

Decidedly, the group of supporters of PSG Paname-ReBirth is not illustrated in the right way. After deploying a controversial banner on Shakira before the meeting between PSG and Barça, the group did it again with a new very awkward banner before the match against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Members of the Paname-ReBirth group unveiled a banner “PARIS EST MAGIQUE, CRASEZ MUNICH” on the Mont-Valérien site. As a reminder, it is in this place that was erected in 1960, on the orders of General De Gaulle, the Memorial of France Combattante, paying homage to the fighters of the Second World War. After the strong reactions, the group had wanted to delete its tweet and issued a statement. “In no case has this place been used for a nefarious purpose to hurt anyone. We used this symbol of resistance because at first, we are proud of it. He means a lot to us and trying to turn that around to bring us down is very sad. But that does not surprise us ”, they explained. The press release has also since been deleted.

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