German mayor suspended for breaking line of covid-19 vaccine

The mayor of the German city of Halle, Bernd Wiegand, was suspended from office by the city council for having taken the covid-19 vaccine in January without being part of the priority population.

A majority of 34 of the 48 councilors voted last night, on a special city council, to temporarily suspend the mayor of Halle, a city in the federal state of Saxony Anhalt, in central Germany.

The 64-year-old mayor received a dose in January, while access to the vaccine was reserved in Germany for the elderly.

Wiegand, currently on vacation and absent from the board meeting, explained that he had the vaccine to avoid wasting the remaining doses.

However, his explanations of this vaccination, revealed several weeks later, varied over time. First, Wiegand had stated that he had benefited from a drawing.

City officials also had access to vaccines without being priorities, which the mayor tried to keep secret, according to the first results of an investigation by the Halle Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Councilors also received vaccines ahead of time. Since then, they are apologizing.

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