KBC Journalist Murder: Crucial Evidence Left Behind as Killers Flee

  • Armed gunmen who shot and killed KBC journalist Betty Mutekhele dropped a mobile phone just 50 metres from her home in Ngong, Kajiado County.

    Detectives believe that the mobile phone, which was among four that had been stolen from the deceased’s home, was dropped accidentally as they were fleeing the scene of crime.

    The gadget will act as a crucial piece of evidence and will help unlock the investigation into the heinous crime where the journalist was shot twice.

    KBC main office entrance located along Harry Thuku Road, off University Way in the Nairobi city centre.

    KBC main office entrance located along Harry Thuku Road, off University Way in the Nairobi city centre.


    On the fateful Wednesday night, April 7, Mutekhele was accosted by three men outside her gate as she arrived at her Ngong home at around 8:30 pm.

    The house help had gone to open the gate when she saw the trio who had been hiding in a nearby home that is still under construction. She narrated that the gunmen threatened to kill them if they did not comply.

    “When Betty saw that one of the thugs had pointed a gun at me, she screamed, then one of the other thugs run towards her direction and also pointed a gun at her. They asked us to lead them to the house through the kitchen door,” the house help stated.

    On his part, the deceased’s husband Geoffrey Barasa disclosed that the gunmen, who were covered in balaclavas and hand gloves, asked them to lie down.

    “They told me to lift my left hand, I lifted and he picked my ring. That is the time when I had two bullets,” Barasa narrated.

    A police officer privy to the investigations disclosed that the thug was receiving instructions on phone from an unknown person.

    “Sisi tumetimbua (We have killed her),” the witness who gave police the details overheard.

    Investigators believe that those involved are professional hitmen who are good with covering their tracks to conceal evidence.

    Police are seeking to find out who was the recipient of the phone call, why Mutekhele was the target and whether the thugs were contracted to kill her.

    Her body is currently at the Montezuma funeral home, awaiting an autopsy.

    DCI intervening over burning of schools

    DCI intervening over burning of schools

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