Soulja Boy starts petty beef with Tory Lanez

And just like that, the latest hip-hop beef has been kicked off as Soulja boy takes his shot at Tory Lanez over his comments about him on Instagram.

After claiming that he made BAPE popular  Soulja Boy was met with responses from Tory  Lanez claiming that he was inspired by Lil Wayne after seeing the rapper in the “Hustler Musik” video.

Soulja Boy has been engaged in a twitter feud with Randy Orton the WWE wrestler for the past one month but he wasn’t about to let this smoke pass without fighting back. He took aim at the two rappers, hitting them where it hurts.

I need in. Dude been running from me too long how I enter this shit. If that’s how I gotta catch him fuk it let’s go run it https://t.co/WjszbkqlOr— Soulja Boy (Drako) (@souljaboy) April 8, 2021

“N***az will smack the hairline off Tory Lanez dude a whole goofy,” said Big Draco. “Shooting b*tches and sh*t cap ASS n***a.” Of course, Soulja is making reference to Tory’s controversy with Megan The Stallion last summer.

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He proceeded to respond to a tweet from Tory Lanez  that likely wasn’t about him, saying, “Shut up n***a.”

Despite this seeming as though it could blow up into something bigger, Soulja Boy is already taking a more mature route. He said later that he spent some time on the phone with Tory Lanez and misunderstood his comment. “Just got off the phone wit @torylanez y’all chill we good on gang,” he explained. “Misunderstanding.”

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