“BeatBox” Freestyle Challenge: Who Did It Best?

“The BeatBox Freestyle Beat” has inspired a wave of freestyles.

Spotem Gottem’s viral hit “BeatBox,” produced by Damn E, is arguably the hottest instrumental out right now. The song has been trending on TikTok for the past several months, which itself acts as a major influence in the music industry. Many rappers have been hopping on the beat in response, adding their own flare and showcasing their freestyle skills, riding the wave the track has created.

With rappers like Da Baby, Lil Yachty and Mulatto releasing their takes on the “BeatBox” freestyle challenge, the competition is fierce and as entertaining as ever.

Check out our breakdown of some of the most notable “BeatBox” freestyles below, as well as the original right above, and vote on your favorite.

1.Big Dreez  

Dreezy said if you ask, she will deliver anytime.

2. DDG

“Made a million off of moon walking, Calabasas” DDG’s take on “BeatBox” is definitely on the chill side, but is still a prime contender.

3. Polo G

Polo G managed to remix three songs: CJ’s “Whoopty,” Coi Leray’s “No More Parties,” and of course “BeatBox.” Fans were impressed by his ability to transition from drill rapping to singing so smoothly.

4. Mulatto

The Queen of Da South kept it short and sweet. She’s big now and she knows it.

5. Calboy

If there’s one thing about Calboy, he will make any track his own. The RCA Records artist released laid-back, goofy visuals having a good time with his crew making his take even more enjoyable.

6. DaBaby

This remix did numbers after sending social media into a frenzy due to a random dig at Jojo Siwa.

7. Young M.A.

“My money and my loyalty, two things I’m never playin’ bout.” This Brooklyn rapper is no stranger to freestyles and devoured this challenge effortlessly.

8. Lil Yachty

Lil Boat’s energy is immaculate. He originally combined the freestyle with Coi Leray’s “No More Parties,” showcasing his versatility when it comes to flow and sound.

9.NLE Choppa

Choppa’s “First Day Out” is one of the most viewed “BeatBox” remixes, earning over 12 million views after its release on April 1st.

Who do you think outdid themselves on this challenge?

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