Nairobi lawyer, HARRISON MUSYOKA, speaks after a steamy video with his alleged girlfriend leaked – This guy has crazy ‘mouth skills’.

Thursday, April 13, 2021 – A Nairobi-based lawyer identified as Harrison Musyoka, has broken silence after a steamy video where he was seen getting mushy with a lady alleged to be his girlfriend leaked.

Speaking to a local site, Harrison put it clear that the lady in the video is not his girlfriend.

Musyoka said that he met the said lady at a birthday party that he had been invited by her friends.

 “That’s the first day I met that lady. It was a dare by friends to do that,” he said.

He claimed that the video was leaked by one of the guests who attended the party.

 “I have asked all the guests, among the 8 of them, who could have leaked that video and they have all denied. 

“I only pity the lady because I don’t know her status whether she has a boyfriend or not,” he said and denied that he leaked the video to chase clout.

Musyoka is a 40-year-old bachelor and has been practicing law since 2013.

He has even handled high-profile cases.

 “I have never been married due to this kind of issues just imagine if I had a wife. This could have caused trouble in my home,” he added.

Here’s a screenshot of the leaked video.

Here’s a photo of the lawyer.


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