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Digital content creator Sharon Mundia, popularly known as This Is Ess has expressed excitement after fully recovering from a hip injury she got two years ago.

Through a statement shared on her Insta-story, the YouTuber disclosed that she addressed her hip issue after injuring her hamstring. “I injured myself a week go (my hamstring) and because of that, I seriously started to address my adductor/hip issue and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this. First, because my injury is almost completely healed and now (the hamstring) and second, because I’m starting to see real progress real progress with an issue that I’ve had for about 2 years (my hip),” she wrote.

Mundia added that she thought she would stay with the imbalance and slight pain caused by the injury, but after her recent medical attention, she is hopeful that she will completely heal. “I honestly thought I’d be stuck with the imbalance and aches for the rest of my life but for the first time ever, I’m really hopeful it can get better. Just finished my 4th session and can’t believe how much difference a week has made,” she concluded. 

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