Why do the F and J keys on a keyboard have a dash below it?

Since you started using your computer’s keyboard, you must have noticed that the “F” and “J” keys have a protrusion, a small line under them. But what is the reason for this?

Because the F and J keys have a dash under the letter

These projections are known as Relief lines and serve as a reference for those who type without looking at the keyboard. This act is known as a typing tap. These keys also serve to help people with visual impairments, if they do not have an adapted keyboard.

In addition to the “F” and “J”, the number “5” on the numeric keypad also serves as a guide, as it is exactly in the middle of the numbers.

This relief has been present since the time of the typewriter and was designed by engineers and reused by designers on computers.

How to learn to type faster

For those who want to start typing without looking, you should start using these keys as a reference and position your index fingers on them, with the left on the F and the right on the J, thus making it easier to locate the other letters on your keyboard.

In addition, it is possible to use programs to train your typing, such as TypeFaster, KeyBlaze and others. If you want to get to know other platforms to learn to write faster, check out our article.

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