Ndovu Ni Kuu Rapper Krispah Hits Back at Artiste Who Had His Song Pulled Down from YouTube

Ndovu Ni Kuu hitmaker Krispah is one angry man after Kenyatta University representatives and their alleged brand ambassador pushed YouTube to pull down the popular song from the platform.

Nairobi Times understands Ndovu Ni Kuu jam was deleted from YouTube after a Kenyatta University student who doubles up as the institution’s brand ambassador initiated a YouTube strike on the song over alleged copyright claims.

However, according to Krispah, the Ndovu Ni Kuu crooner, the strike was malicious. Krispah, in an official statement shared via his official YouTube channel, claimed Kenyatta University reps and the said artiste, known as Dexter went for him after he refused to give them free services. The musician posted a video of himself talking about the quandaries that rocked his music career after he refused to perform during a Kenyatta University organised event for free. Krispah noted that K.U and his alleged accusers caused the deletion of his song from YouTube after he refused to give the institution’s student a collabo for free. The star confirmed that troubles started when he refused to perform during K.U’s graduation ceremony for free.

”Most of you guys have seen my song Ndovu Ni Kuu has been pulled down from YouTube. They pulled it down at 3.5 million views. This issue started on Friday when a guy named Koinange Mashua who claims to be the director of communication representing K.U. I talked to him and asked him to keep everything formal including engaging in a zoom meeting with him. So this Koinange Mashua guy said my song had a negative influence on the school and needed us to chat about the way forward.

The star stated that K.U got mad because he did not allow them to use his brand influence for free and hence the YouTube strike. Krispah said he could not do a free show because as an artist he had spent a lot to produce his songs including Ndovu Ni Kuu.

To him, his hesitation in agreeing to give the institution a free show and collabo was the only reason that made them go malicious and pull his song from YouTube. Krispah held that the YouTube strike and his misunderstanding with K.U over his performance at the school are connected. He reiterated that he did not steal anyone’s song or idea, therefore everything that befell him was a ploy to intimidate him. As at the time of publishing this post, Ndovu Ni Kuu had been pulled down from YouTube. However, Krispah had already made an impressive impact as far as music mileage is concerned. Krispah noted that his management was working on ways to sue K.U and the artiste alleging that he had stolen the idea, rather beats of the Ndovu Ni Kuu jam from him. The star was adamant while stating that he was ready to fight for his right and those of fellow musicians all in a bid to keep away people who want to bully creatives in the country.

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