Kangogo Autopsy Results Rule Out Murder

Caroline Kangogo, a police constable, died of a gunshot wound after a bullet passed through her brain, head, and skull, according to an autopsy.

According to Dr. Johansen Oduor, chief government pathologist, the bullet entered the body by the right chin and exited on the left side of the skull, with a trajectory down the spine to the brain.

He explained, “When I looked at the gunshot wound entry, it was a contact wound, which means the pistol was on the flesh.”

According to Oduor, the bullet left a hole in the flesh as well as patches of burning known as muzzle imprint.

He did say, however, that more research would be conducted to determine whether Kangogo shot herself or was shot by someone else.

“We took samples from her hand to see whether there was any gunshot residue, and that will tell us that,” Oduor explained.

He stated that his responsibility was to determine the cause of death, but that further laboratory tests would aid in determining the manner of death.

According to the investigative report, the incident occurred at the location where the corpse was discovered.

Last Friday, the autopsy was canceled, forcing the family, lead by her father Barnaba Kangogo, to protest, forcing the burial to be postponed.

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