Mount Kenya Warms Up To Raila In Murang’a Event

A section of politicians from Mt Kenya leaders has welcomed ODM leader Raila Odinga into the region to seek support for his presidential bid.

The leaders lauded Raila as one of the leaders who fought for democracy, adding he deserves to take over the mantle.

The leaders spoke at the home of Royal Media Services chairperson SK Macharia in Gatanga on Tuesday.

They said Raila had consistently supported the region and that it is time for the politics of fear and hatred to be vanquished.

Former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth underscored the need for Raila to schedule consistent visits to familiarise himself with the region.

Such visits, Kenneth said, would give locals an opportunity to establish what kind of a leader Raila is and help them to make decisions that are devoid of misinformation.

Kenneth pointed out that a leader cannot launch a campaign based on distributing free money “unless the monies are obtained unlawfully.”

He believes that increasing the monies given for devolution is the best way to ensure that government resources reach Kenyans at the grassroots.

The remark looked to be a subtle dig at Deputy President William Ruto, who is renowned for donating generously to churches and supporting numerous young programs via his hustling story.

Governor Mwangi Wa Iria stated that it is past time for Kenyans to abandon the prejudices that divide them.

Kenyans, according to Wa Iria, should elect leaders based on their track record regardless of party affiliation.

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