Nairobi MCAs Demand For Physical Sitting, Decry Lazy Zoom Sessions

Nairobi MCAs are now calling for the county assembly to reinstate actual plenary sessions, claiming that virtual sessions lack “seriousness.”

Virtual plenaries on Zoom, according to Deputy Majority Whip Waithera Chege, are ineffective when just a few members check in, and even those who do log in are just doing it for the purpose of it.

She stated, “I’m begging with our Speaker to allow us to resume physical sittings with rigorous Covid-19 preventive measures, just like the Senate and National Assembly.”

Apart from technological difficulties, Ms Chege claims that the Zoom sessions have resulted in increasing “laziness and unprofessionalism” among her coworkers.

“House business has declined as a result of the online plenary sessions. What exactly do we do as MCAs?” Nairobi South Ward MCA posed the question.

The city assembly has made headlines since going virtual in June of last year, with goats invading virtual meetings and some members logging in while dressed inappropriately.

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons have been reserved for plenary sessions. The chambers are only open to leadership and MCAs with business.

MCA nominated Doris Kanario questioned why only Nairobi is still using virtual sittings when Parliament conducts its business in person.

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