Suspect Behind Christine Ambani Murder Arrested

Detectives have finally apprehended Makokha, suspect behind brutal murder of Christine Ambani.

He was arrested in a room that he had rented in Chokaa area within Kayole.

He has been on the run since committing the heinous crime and has been engaging detectives in a cat and mouse game in the populated Eastlands area of Kayole.

He was suspected to be behind the murder of Christine Ambani, a university student from Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology.

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On July 13, 2021, the 23-year-old third-year student seeking a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration was found killed with serious stab wounds in her neck.

Christine had left Mwihoko University in the morning to meet her lover in Githurai town, 15 kilometers away, on the terrible day of her murder.

The two immediately booked themselves into a guest room in Githurai town, despite the fact that the arrangement was only supposed to last a few hours, according to the management.

Christine had actually left the college with a friend who was going to get her hair plaited in Githurai while she waited for her. Makokha, on the other hand, had other ideas.

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Later, he emerged from the room and replenished the previously paid amount, ensuring that they would have enough food for the rest of the night.

Detectives have established that it is during this night that the boyfriend turned killer, brutally murdered Christine, by stabbing her on the neck savagely and left her bleeding to her last breath.

Makokha, a 23-year-old Mt. Kenya University student, then snatched Christine’s phone and accessed Christine’s family WhatsApp group.

He pretended to be Christine and sent a message to family members requesting that they wire her Sh87,000, claiming that she wanted to reimburse her lover (Makokha) for the money he had spent to help her settle in college.

Previous Murders

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Makokha was further profiled by sleuths from the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau, who discovered stunning data about his criminal background.

He was determined to be a dangerous criminal who had been apprehended by investigators before being released under mysterious circumstances.

Makokha in unclear circumstances killed the three by setting their house ablaze while they were inside.

The matter was investigated by Mumias based detectives under reference number DCI/CR/NO925/36/2021 and the case file was forwarded to the DPP for further action. The DPP advised that a public inquest into the matter be conducted.

Even before the inquest was conducted and his kin buried, Makokha attacked the grieving family by disrupting the burial planning meetings that were ongoing and destroyed the family’s property.

He was arrested, charged, and remanded at Kakamega G.K Prison. However, the case was withdrawn under unclear circumstances and the suspect was set free.

Makokha will be arraigned in court to answer to murder charges.

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