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Churchill Show comedian Oliver Otieno also known as YY showed off a house he built for his mother. Through his social media pages, the comic shared photos of the magnificent house. 

YY accompanied the photo of the new house with an old photo showing his mum seated in a rusty house built with iron sheets and had a mud floor. The photo also showed his gorgeous mother seated on a chair without cushions. “Not long post alert. I love you mother,” he captioned the photos. 

YY’s mum.

Speaking in a past interview, the comedian explained his relationship with his mother disclosing that he has spent nearly all his life with her. “I do jokes about every aspect of real life situation except tribal jokes. It just happen that people relate more to mama’s jokes more because it’s a part of their lives and the nostalgia can’t be ignored. My mum is significant to me as I have spent 90 per cent of my life with her,” he said. 

YY joins the likes of gospel deejay DJ Mo and comedian Terence Creative who have constructed houses for their parents. 

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