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Celebrated musician Nameless has opened up about a medical scare that saw him admitted to the High Dependency Unit (HDU). 

The singer stated that he was well until 2017 when he suddenly fell ill during a board meeting. “All along my health has been pretty good, I don’t remember even going to sleep, but in 2017 I had a scare. The day started like a normal day, I was supposed to go to a very important board meeting and towards the end of the meeting I started feeling a weird pain on my neck then a headache started, the pain was coming very first. So when I went down to the parking to enter my car, the pain was ridiculous, it went from zero to a hundred in less than five minutes,” he said. 

Musician Daddy Owen and Nonini him to the hospital, “I was seated next to the window, I could see his car but he was not inside, so I went downstairs and he was about to collapse just at the entrance of the building. I called Nonini then we picked him up, put him in my car and we started driving,” Daddy Owen said. 

Nameless’ wife, Wahu said she was preparing to go to the hospital when she was called and informed of his illness. “I had been getting some disease spells and I wasn’t sure why I was getting the disease spells, it was about 3pm and I told Nameless I need to go to the hospital. Nonini calling me and I was like, ‘I’ll talk to him when I get there’ then I saw Daddy Owen calling so I picked and I told him I’m on my way to Aga Khan and he was like, ‘turn around Nameless is at Nairobi Hospital‘,” she said. 

While at the hospital, Nameless was attended to by a doctor who turned out to be their friend. “He came to the casual ward to see me and at that time he found me and suggested I get a CT scan. After the CT scan, I was given some weird painkillers and I was like this is not working,” Nameless said. 

I remember him calling me outside and telling me, ‘this is serious, and Nameless needed to be admitted to the HDU. They did so many tests on him,  he wanted to cross confirm over and over then finally he came and he said I wanted him to be in 10% bracket and he was in that 10% bracket. That was a miracle,Wahu said on her side.  

Following the positive results, Nameless was discharged from hospital and advised not to work while at home. “I got back home after three weeks, my wife was very nice to me but I was advised not to work so I had to ‘chill’ and I spent a lot of time with my kids because I was mostly at home. But it also shifted my mind about life because it was like, ‘boom life can end at anytime’ even if you’re in a safe space,” said the musician. 

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