Akorino model Carey Priscilla has revealed how she met her baby daddy Ben. Speaking in a video published on their YouTube channel, her boyfriend said she first saw her in 2016 when Instagram had just been launched. “Back in 2016 Instagram was a big deal. At the time, I was a hype beast, I used to dress in the latest fashion and I started noticing a lady posting pictures at least once in two weeks. I wondered who the girl was, and she was Akorino and beautiful although the quality of the photos was a bit poor,” he recalled. 

After consistently liking her posts, he finally got her attention only for Carey to ignore him. “I wondered who the person liking all my photos was and I clicked on his profile. I was surprised to see he had over 60,000 followers and his bio was hype beast from Toronto so I concluded that he wasn’t Kenyan and I ignored, him” said Carey

He started sending Carey DMs but she would ignore forcing him to look for her phone number. “I started hitting her DM (direct message) but she snubbed me so it forcing me to get her number and call her,” he said. 

On why she was ignoring him, Carey explained; “At the time I was very focused with my life and I didn’t want any distractions. After checking his profile I concluded that he likes having fun and he had a lot of hype and I said I don’t want to die young from stress and so I continued ignoring him.” She added; “He became so persistent and he would send me DM every time and after two years I responded and that is how we started talking frequently.” 

He later invited her for a street photoshoot in Nairobi, but their first encounter was not good. “I invited her for the photo shoot, she came and found me in company of ten people. She was not comfortable because of the people I was with,” Ben said. 

The second date was also a mess as they went to a restaurant, ordered ice cream and he later realised he had no money forcing Carey to settle the bill. “From there I said I was done with him and I did not even entertaining him. He would text but I ignore his messages. Even after redeeming himself and not having his many friends around him I was done with him and I treated him differently,” she said. 

Following the incident, the two would hangout as friends until he suggested a relationship during a lunch date that ended dramatically. “We started hanging out as friends at least every Sunday and I couldn’t see a future with him. I wanted to start a family when I’m still young and get done with having babies, so I started entertaining other people because I wanted to settle and he was just a friend,” said Carey.  

But I had decided to take her for a date because I had saved some money, we went to Charlie’s Restaurant which was new and fancy, but she was not serious with me because she looked angry and she would receive phone calls from other people when we are having our date, I got bored. I asked her to be my girlfriend because I was tired being friends with her but she brushed me off, so I left her without paying the bill,” he explained.   

Carey got concerned when he did not return, forcing her to call him after reflecting on their friendship. “The reason why I called him is because I realised he wasn’t calling me and I said I guess this guy is serious. I started reflecting on how when I am around him; I’m just me, I don’t fake it, I could say anything and at that point I didn’t want to lose him, so I had to call him,” she said. 

She later visited her boyfriend’s place where they talked about what they wanted in a relationship just before they started dating. “I started being hardworking, I stopped partying and getting involved with other girls. At the time I was employed and I decided it was time to risk and start my own business. I took her to my parents and she took me to her parents I came to realise she was hard working woman. I would get back to the house and find it very clean and I thanked God because my patience finally paid.” 

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