DP Ruto speaks on his bottom-up economic model

Deputy President William Ruto has spoken about his bottom up economic approach which he intend to adopt if he is elected the head head of state come 2022 presidential election.

On Thursday, July 29, 2021, the second in command explained his  bottom-up economic Model that had attracted both criticisms from his political opponents and funny jokes among Kenyans in an attempt to interpret the model.

In his statement, Ruto said that the model seeks to empower millions of unemployed Kenyans by promoting investments and jobs.

He maintained that his Bottom-Up model will have more benefits to  Kenyans as opposed to the Trickle Down economic model.

“Bottom-up is anchored on deliberately promoting investment and financial instruments targeting the millions who are unemployed, hustler enterprises, and the farmer groups,” Ruto stated.

The DP defended the model arguing it was triggered by the current state of the economy that has seen many Kenyans living under chronic poverty due to lack of jobs.

“It is the economy. Trickle Down failed for aiding patronage and cronyism, breeding cartels and monopolies that benefited few,” Ruto stated.

This comes after a number of his political allies have found it difficult to explain the model.

The DP’s has been using the Model as his political tool to woo voters in his 2022 presidential bid.

According to him, the people at the bottom include; hustlers, the mama mbogas, mechanics, matatu operators, and jua kali artisans.

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