Moses Kuria speaks on President Uhuru’s efforts to unite Mount Kenya region ahead of 2022 Presidential election

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has dismissed President Uhuru’s effort to unite Mount Kenya region saying that it is late.

In his statement, Kuria accused Uhuru of neglecting the region in his national development agenda following his handshake with Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga.

‘For the past four years, we have been lamenting that our businesses have collapsed. We have been complaining that enforcement officers are harassing traders in Nyamakima and Gilomba. Still, nothing has been done to that effect,” Kuria said.

Kuria also claimed that most public medical facilities in the region lack drugs, some homes still lack running tap water while some areas are without proper road infrastructure.

”We still have some places in Mt Kenya where there is no running tap water. Yet, despite raising these concerns, some of us have been labelled as madmen. Since the General Election is just around the corner, some people are busy calling for us to unite with them, but I want to tell them that this cannot happen because it is late,” Kuria said.

The Gatundu South Legislator further claimed that it was too late for the head of state to unite the GEMA community.

”You reached to us when it was late. If you wanted to unite with us, you could have come much earlier. We overwhelmingly voted in this government to the last man, but instead of providing us with essential services, they resorted to singing to us reggae when we are suffering. So we are telling you, finish and go,” Kuria stated.

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