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Rapper Nazizi Hirji, popularly known as Nazizi has opened up about her relationship with new husband, Adam. Speaking at an interview, the rapper stated that her husband is amazing with his son, something that she termed big especially after coming from a failed marriage.

He’s amazing with Tafari which is big for me and for women who are in new relationships and have kids with the another man. The number one thing you want to see is the connection of your child with this new person. I’ve been super protective of introducing someone I’m dating to Tafari but Adam from beginning just showed me that he’s there for the long-term and he loves Tafari,” said Nazizi

Nazizi also revealed that she recently got married to Adam, whom they have dated for over three years. “Something that we haven’t shared with anybody except our family, is that we also recently got married, less than three weeks ago,” said the rapper. 

The mother of two further gushed over her husband, detailing how he put everything on hold to focus on the relationship. “He was modelling before we met, he had his own thing going on but when he joined our family he was kind enough to put everything on hold and he just became the number one supportive system for me and that’s such an amazing thing,” Nazizi said. 

Nazizi also spoke about her parents’ failed marriage, disclosing that they have been divorced for over 20 years but they are close and meet regularly due to their grandkids. “My parents have been divorced for over 20 years but they are best friends. Because we are a small family, you know we were four but Firoz passed away and we are just the three of us so we are forced to be around each other all the time. Everybody is doing their own things but we always have to be together and for them Tafari was the biggest joining factor,” she said. 

The rapper who doubles up as a radio presenter also spoke on her weight loss journey, disclosing that she started working on her weight following a doctor’s advise and not because of what people think about her. “When I was expecting Tafari I had a health complication, preeclampsia which is high blood pressure during pregnancy and it’s very dangerous for the baby. Three weeks before he was due, I just went for my routine check up and they told me, ‘your blood pressure is high and it’s putting the baby in danger and they had to induce me,” she said. 

Adding; “I’ve never looked at myself through weight, people would look at me and say, ‘Naz you’ve gained or Naz you’ve lost weight’, whatever people would say I’ve never been bothered. I’ve always been supper confident with myself and how I look but when it came now to my health and the doctor said I needed to lose weight. Now that hit home for me and I knew I needed to do something. If I wanted to be in Tafari’s life for the next 20 years.” 

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