Squatters Occupying Mazrui Land Recieve title Deeds

After many years of waiting and living with hope, now, the more than 2,600 squatters occupying the Mazrui family land in Msabaha, Kilifi County can sigh with relief.  

They are expected to get title deeds after the national government acquired the land to resettle them. 

Through their lives in that area, the residents have lived with a lot of uncertainty fearing eviction for being in the parcel of land illegally. 

But there is hope and by last Friday, survey work was completed after a team of about 50 surveyors were dispatched in the area for 10 days to complete the process. 

While issuing title deeds in Rabai Last week President Uhuru Kenyatta said all was set for the government to settle Kenyans on the Mazrui land. 

 Already the authorities told the squatters that in two months they will become landowners and begin a new chapter in life. 

It was however not an easy task for the committee that spearheaded the process of fighting to get the land ownership documents. 

Hannington Kesi Baya the chairman of the committee of Mazrui plot number 5044/R said they have suffered for a long time without a committee until 2010 when they formed it and embarked on a mission to look for the landowner. 

Speaking at Msabaha trading center together with other committee members and Ganda MCA Reuben Katana he said they came to learn that the land was owned by the Mazrui family. 

“We looked for the chairman of this parcel of land until we got him Salim Ali Amin and begun looking for a permanent solution to the problem,” he said. 

Baya said they had to travel from office to office up to Nairobi when current CAS for Devolution Gideon Mung’aro was Malindi MP and established that the Mazrui family had written to the government when James Orengo was Minister for Lands asking it to buy the land and divide it to squatters. 

That time he said the government responded that there was no money but would buy the parcel of land when the funds were available. 

He said they also got support from William Mtengo who served for short time as Malindi MP but after he lost his seat things stopped again. 

Baya said they then pushed with the MCA, Mtengo, and Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi until they got an audience with the president Uhuru Kenyatta in Mombasa statehouse who promised to take action. 

“We continued pushing until recently we got information that surveyors were coming from Nairobi and they came 30 from Nairobi and others from Kilifi county together with ward administrator who spearheaded the process,” he said. 

He thanked the committee members for their cooperation as there were no conflicts during the whole process. 

Initially, he said they established from the Lands registry that the parcel of land was 399.5 acres which had been occupied by 300 squatters but the number rose to 2000. 

Mary Kasuku the treasurer of the committee said they were happy to see that title deeds were coming soon after the completion of surveying work. 

She said when they get title deeds their lives will change as the area will develop more than it is now due to the value of the land. 

“I would advise my fellow residents not to sale their land after getting title deeds even if they get problems, let them stay the same way they were squatters as it’s their own land where they suffered,” she said. 

During that time, they used to live in fear not knowing when they would be evicted or demolition of their properties. 

On his part, the MCA thanked God for enabling them to complete the process which will see the squatters get title deeds in two months. 

“I thank President Kenyatta for acquiring the land for the squatters to be settled as the journey begun in 2008 13 years ago,” he said. 

He said the government dispatched 45 surveyors and work is complete adding that it’s time for them to wait for title deeds. 

The MCA said the land was 399 acres but 81 acres were set aside leaving 318 acres for the squatters to be settled. 

Katana emphasized to locals to desist from selling land to tycoons and instead look for loans from Mbegu funds in Kilifi county or in banks to start their projects. 

He urged other locals to follow the example of Msabaha squatters to follow the legal procedures instead of using force as they will be able to get justice. 

“If the land belongs to an individual do not use force pangas axes or any other form of violence as it will not give you a title deed, the only way is to follow the law like the way the Msabaha committee did, other committees should seek advice from them,” he said. 

 He also appealed to other tycoons owning land to follow the footsteps of the Mazrui family and reach an agreement with the government to buy the land and settle squatters who have lived there for years. 

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