OM: the very good Luan Peres pickaxe

Perhaps the least flashy rookie of Olympique de Marseille so far, Luan Peres has already shown that he will probably be the one who will be most suited to Jorge Sampaoli’s system. It has absolutely everything from the right pickaxe.

What we can say is that Olympique de Marseille have been very active on the summer market. In these many recruits, two Brazilians. The first is midfielder Gerson, the second, a little less known, Luan Peres, defender of his state. And we have already seen it at work.

At 27, he is at the age when defenders reach a certain maturity. After an inconclusive European stint in Bruges, he returned to Brazil, to Santos, where he met Jorge Sampaoli. When it came to recruiting a left-handed central defender, his name topped the lists made by Sampaoli and Pablo Longoria.

But we did not really know what to expect, since he is not the age of the other young recruits of the rearguard (Saliba is 20 and Balerdi 22). Then we saw. In a position that seems to suit him perfectly (third axial from the left), he made some high class interventions.

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But the most interesting about him is his versatility. He has an above average technical quality, carries the ball consistently and fairly and above all, he is extremely versatile since he can also officiate in the left lane of the defense if the need arises. to feel.

He is also a large size (1.90m for 74kg) which makes him an important player on offensive and defensive set pieces. But for all that, launched, it is not slow. This is good, since we have seen it, the OM defenders will have to defend in the great outdoors. We have seen that his aforementioned qualities allowed him to do so and he has already shown it during some phases of this preparation. He is, like all of us, probably very impatient to start next Sunday at La Mosson, against Montpellier for the first day of Ligue 1!

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