Stocks and Crypto Investment Learning Platform 30% Club Arrives in Kenya

Kenya has surely reached a vantage point in the digital economy.

The development is largely in part due to pioneering mobile banking through the world-famous M-PESA platform.

So you have just finished binge-watching your favourite film or show on Netflix or posted an exciting moment on your go-to social medial platform.

Well, you can take a step further and learn how to invest as little as $10 (KES 1000) in these popular companies and other US Stocks.

The ever-increasing digital world we live in has innovated investing in US Stocks through our phones.

Regulated Investment apps like Passfolio and Trading212 have simplified the process of investing in US Stocks.

Now people from all over the world including Kenya can invest in high-growth stocks effortlessly from their smartphones with just $10.

DIY Investing is the new cool

If there is one global trend Africans should not be late to adopt, it’s retail investing aka Do-It-Yourself Investing.

DIY Investing is rapidly becoming the norm globally, especially with the rising number of failed investment schemes and the endless Ponzi’s.

The proliferation of stock and crypto investment apps has simplified access to financial markets providing a way to swerve inflation and devaluation of our local currencies.

The financial innovation that led to Fractional Shares (buying $10 off any US stock) has democratized investing, dismantling a price entry barrier.

Crypto is already accessible and can be invested in with as little as $10, and now Kenyans can build a US Stock portfolio with a fraction of Zoom stock, Facebook, Tesla, Apple, or ETFs.

Value Proposition

30%Club, a learning club created for modern-day investors, wants every African Millennial and Gen Z to better understand how easy it is to invest in US Stocks and Bitcoin as well.

30%Club looks forward to guiding the new generation of investors by providing a simplified learning experience.

The club is a go-to platform for educational and analytic resources for stocks and crypto investing. The US Stock market is the largest in the world and so every shrewd investor wants a slice of it.

The average US stock market return is about 10% per year for the last 100 years while Bitcoin has been the best performing asset in the past decade.

Users who visit 30%Club have access to educational content, real-time market data, explanatory videos, and insightful podcasts.

The platform is free for all to learn from while premium subscribers are charged a small fee for access to exclusive market intelligence.

Investing is a lifelong journey while trading is an attempt to make profits from the financial markets every few months. The 30%Club aims to guide you through both.

You can dive right in with this engaging Podcast series where you learn the basics of Stocks and Crypto in an hour.

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