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A Tanzanian events promoter Patrick Christopher popularly known as PCK has blasted South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan accusing her of going against their contract. In a social media post, the promoter stated that he paid the socialite 50 percent of the agreed amount and he was expected to clear the remaining 50 percent after Zari arrived at the venue. 

But the mother of five posted the event’s poster and warned her fans against attending the event, noting that it was fake. “Fake. Another scam using my image to draw a crowd,” she wrote. 

In retaliation, the promoter argued that it is not possible to pay the full amount before arriving at the event venue. “Zari stop playing with people’s work, all years I have never heard anyone being paid the full amount before getting to the event. When we started organising the show, we agreed on the amount and you signed the contract and I later paid you a 50 percent deposit and we agreed I would settle the remaining 50 percent when you show up foe the event,” wrote PCK.  

He noted that Zari demanded to be paid the full amount before sharing the event’s artwork on her social media platforms. “Yesterday I sent the artwork for you to post but you said you cannot post until you get the full amount something that is against our agreement and what the contract states,” he added. 

The promoter then gave the socialite 10 hours ultimatum to share the artwork on her social media pages, failure to which he threatened to teach her a lesson. “You have 10 hours to make this right. The contract is clear and it contains all our agreements. I give you 10 hours to think about it and withdraw your statement failure to which you will regret to know me and I will teach you a lesson that you have never had in your life,” added PCK.

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