Video shows salmon injured due to overheating waters

The video was shot by an environmental conservation group after a heat wave in the Pacific Northwest caused water temperatures to reach 21 degrees Celsius.

According to the newspaper The Guardian, you Columbia River salmon, in North America, were recently exposed to unbearable temperatures, which caused them wounds and fungal infections.

In the video, released on Tuesday by the non-profit organization Columbia Riverkeeper, a group of red salmon can be seen swimming with injuries to their bodies, which the association says are the result of stress and overheating.

The salmon were swimming upstream from the ocean to return to their spawning grounds when they unexpectedly changed their route, explained Brett VandenHeuvel, executive director of Columbia Riverkeeper. According to this responsible, it was the way found to “escape a burning building”.

The organization recorded the video after a heat wave in the Pacific Northwest, on a day when water temperatures reached 21 degrees Celsius, a temperature that can be lethal for these fish if they are exposed to it for long periods.

VandenHeuvel compared the situation to someone trying to run a marathon in temperatures above 38 degrees. “The difference is that this is not a hobby for salmon. They don’t have a choice. Either they manage to survive or they die”, he declared.

According to the British newspaper, the salmon that appear in the video will not be able to reproduce in the tributary and will probably die from illness and heat stress.

“It is heartbreaking to see animals dying so unnaturally. And worse, thinking about the cause of that death. this is a problem human-caused and it really makes me think about the future”, lamented VandenHeuvel.

“I see this as a deeply sad vision of our future. But I also see it as a call to action. There are measures we can take to save salmon, to cool our rivers. If this video doesn’t inspire serious reflection, I don’t know what will.”

This is yet another example of the tragedy caused by the recent heat wave in North America, which killed hundreds of people in the United States and Canada and also caused the death of over a billion of marine animals.

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