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Digital content creators Dora Obwaka, alias Jesus Girl shared her battle with drug addiction and how she overcame it. Speaking in an interview, she disclosed that she started doing drugs at the age of 17,I started doing drugs when I was about 17 years old while in high school. I remember those times I used to jump over the fence when they refused I to go to parties, I was the definition of rebellion. The more you drink, the more you get to know the drugs and the more you need to feel the first time high you felt originally,” she said. 

Jesus Girl also revealed she has been in five rehabilitation facilities since she first set foot at 19. “I’ve been to five rehabs, the first time I went to rehab was when I was 19, I was taking weed, alcohol and cigarettes, I always had a justification, maybe it’s the alcohol that I’ve been taking that messed me up, or it’s the place I have been or the people I have been with, it was never me and I had so much pride and arrogance around,” she added. 

She explained that she opted to go to again rehab after drug effects took a toll on her. “It came to a point where I hit rock bottom so hard, I was 40kgs, I was in and out of hospital, I was using all drugs; cocaine, heroin, weed, alcohol and cigarettes,” stated Jesus Girl

She said that her mother helped her join a rehab, “My mum, she owns a rehabilitation centre as well. So I reached out to her and poured out my heart because we’ve always had that relationship where we can share anything and  she was supportive all through the journey,” she said. 

However, the content creator went back to drinking in 2018, after three years of sobriety and she overdosed and was admitted, “In 2018 I went through teen challenges and I had been sober for three years. After a while, I started having those justifications that I had recovered and I’d say let me celebrate my sobriety with one drink and I used to do like one drink but it reached a point where I went into a three-week bender. I stopped then a five-day bender,  I overdosed and I was admitted in hospital and it was horrible, that’s when I realised that this is life or death,” she explained.  

She also explained how her family treated her during her recovery journey. “We are really close as a family but you know addiction thrives in isolation and secrecy. So you don’t want to be around people. For me I used to isolate myself, I didn’t pick calls and I don’t respond to texts,” she mentioned.

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