KDF To Acquire Armoured Vehicles Worth 9.8 Billion

Despite a recent push for austerity, President Kenyatta has made it clear that he intends to keep strengthening Kenya’s military capabilities.

Kenya increased its APC stockpile in 2015 when it paid Sh7.9 billion to China for 30 carriers, which were used for police border patrols.

Kenya does not make its military acquisitions public, and only Parliament has the authority to scrutinize security spending.

Kenya has agreed to buy new armored fighting vehicles from Turkish armored vehicle maker Katmerciler for Sh9.87 billion, the country’s largest single order for such vehicles in several years.

Katmerciler, a Turkish business, disclosed the information in a regulatory statement on Tuesday.

The new vehicles may be used for battle, command and control, chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense, weapon carrier, ambulance, border security, and reconnaissance, according to the Turkish manufacturer.

A Katmerciler official stated, “The Hizirs will enable Kenyan troops with protected mobility wherever they are stationed.”

Katmerciler won the hefty contract over South African and North American competitors.

*This article was written by Caleb Mwikya for Uzalendo News.  Email: uzalendonews@gmail.com for News tips and Inquiries.

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