Ruto speaks on President Uhuru’s economic model

Deputy President William Ruto has discredited President Uhuru Kenyatta’s trickle down economic model.

On Saturday, July 31, 2021, the second in command criticized his boss trickle-down economic model describing it as a mediocre.

The DP took to his social media page and posted a message stating that Kenyans have two options: Either choosing leaders like himself who were advocating for the bottom-up economic approach on keep on supporting leaders who are still stuck on the trickle-down economic model.

“We’ve the option of making peace with the mediocrity of leaders-centred, position/power sharing politics and the failed trickle-down economics or up our game to the people-centred and bottom up model that deliberately focuses on labour intensive infrastructure/manufacture investments,” Ruto stated.

Ruto added that the bottom-up economic model was focused on creating jobs and liberating Kenyans from the bondage of poverty.

“The economy conversation is a must have if we have to salvage our present and liberate our future. Welcome to the new bottom-up conversation that will bury tribalism, patronage, cronyism and corruption,” Ruto added.

However, the DP Ruto’s critics have maintained that he was part of the team of political leaders who were pushing for the trickle-down economic model during the 2013 and 2017 general election campaigns.

The trickle-down economic model adopted by the Jubilee administration resonates with Ruto’s bottom-up one as they both promise to eradicate poverty, grow the country’s GDP, improve the population’s purchasing power as well as address the ever escalating unemployment rate.

Ruto had claimed that a number of projects that he fronted in the Jubilee administration had been achieved, giving himself a 80% rating in delivery.

“What I would like us to focus on is: If we promised 10 things and we have fulfilled eight, had it been the KCPE exam and a candidate scored 8/10, then hasn’t that candidate already passed the exam?” the DP posed.

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