World War II uniform found in a “full of history” package

War II uniform found in a house in East Staffordshire, England

A Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot’s uniform worn in World War II was discovered wrapped in a packet made from newspaper sheets and is now up for auction.

According to the television network CNN, the “mysterious” package that contained the coat and pants of the pilot uniform was found in a house in a village in East Staffordshire, England.

In a statement, auction house Hansons Auctioneers, which will now auction this uniform, thinks the package will not have been opened. for 70 years, as the sheets of newspapers with which it was made date back to 1951.

The British auctioneer believes that the uniform would be one of those worn by the pilot crew of the Royal Air Force (RAF) until 1941 and by ground personnel until 1943.

The jacket, which has brass buttons and a belt, features a three-blade propeller emblem on the sleeve, which Hansons says shows it was an experienced pilot’s uniform.

In declarations to CNN, Charles Hanson, owner of the auction house, said that the package was found during a cleaning of the house in question, specifically under the bed of an elderly man who had recently died. The family believes that the uniform must have belonged to him, or else to one of his brothers.

Unwrapping this package was like finding “an unopened Christmas present from a forgotten time,” said the owner of the auction house, adding that it is “a wonderful piece of military history, still in good condition and perfectly wearable.”

In addition, the newspaper sheets where he was found are also an important piece of history. “It’s fascinating to look at these old newspapers, which are so often found in attics or even under old rugs. They give us a valuable lesson in social history”, he said.

The uniform will be auctioned on September 24th and should be sold for between 200 and 300 pounds, in other words, about 235 to 352 euros.

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