Drama in Kiambu as bees attack mourners of man killed by unknown people.

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Mourners at a funeral in Kiambu County had to abandon a coffin in a homestead and flee from a swarm of attacking bees that left more than 10 people injured, according to reports on Saturday.

The incident occurred early on Saturday in the remote Tigoni village during the burial of Joseph Ndungu who was killed in cold blood by unknown people after they had stolen his two phones.

It is believed that the family members of the late Ndungu had visited a local herbalist and ritualist who had promised in identifying the serial killer during the event.

As the mourners sat in their respective chairs to listen to the eulogy, a group of mourners were seen running for their lives leaving the dead body at the scene as the bees suddenly attacked them. The bees later concentrated on the two suspect who are believed to have assassinated the late Ndungu.

The funeral, attended by the few mourners who had not been stung, resumed minutes later when the bees had left and continued with the burial ceremony.

The two suspects were later saved by police officers at the burial ceremony who were providing security and taken to police custody for further investigation.

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