Doctor kills his two children before attempting suicide after domestic disagreement.

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A senior doctor murdered his tow children at Nakuru county on Sunday Morning and then attempted to kill himself.

According to reports, the doctor inhumane act was triggered by a quarrel with his wife, however, the cause of the quarrel was unclear.

According to police report familiar with the incident, the doctor injected his two children, a boy and a girl with insulin shot before he tried to kill himself the Same way.

He was however rescued and taken to hospital under tight security, and that once discharged, he will face two charges of murder and one of attempted suicide.

The bodies of the two minors have been removed to the Nakuru Municipal Mortuary as probe into the incident continues.

Cases of couples turning against one another in acts of violence that turn tragic have been rampant lately, with incident reported every months.

A week ago, a middle-aged man killed his two children before committing suicide in Kisii County after a quarrel with wife prior to the incident.

Earlier in June this year, a mother of three strangled to death two of her children in Jerusalem-Waithaka, Dagoretti Sub-county, Nairobi.

The woman, Diana Kibisi, is said to have locked herself with her three children in their single room before killing her 4 and 3 years old sons.

Sources close to the family narrated that Diana’s mother in-law had travelled from Lugari to Nairobi to help her and her husband Alex Miheso sort out their domestic differences.

It’s however alleged that things did not go well as planned since there only arose new disagreement. Diana and Alex later saw off her mother in-law, after which Diana went back home and grabbed the two children’s necks, strangling them to death.

In his ninth address on the Covid-19 pandemic, President Uhuru Kenyatta raised concerns with the increasing tensions within homes.

The president ordered the Crime Research Centre to probe the escalating cases of gender-based violence and violations of children rights.

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