Jalang’o fires back as Andrew Kibe criticises him for helping Mtumba Man

Radio presenter Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o has fired back at former Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe after attacking him for helping internet sensation Mayau Dream Chaser, aka Mtumba Man.

A day after hosting Mayau on his Bonga Na Jalas YouTube series, Kibe criticised Jalang’o for hosting him arguing that the mtumba trader is chasing clout.

“Jalas wacha ushenzi, whoever is producing the show for you anakutupisha mbaya. Jalas please stop being lambistic, hata kama ni kutafuta watu wanatrend, please stop,” said Kibe.

However, Jalang’o has since responded noting that Mayau is trying to earn a living, justifying his move to empower him.

“Guy just found a way to hustle and put food on his table, did you watch the whole story ama uliona amevaa kaa dame uka press next? Cross dressing for entertainment or marketing is not a new thing,” said Jalang’o.

He further explained how cross dressing is a common thing even in Western countries such as the United States of America.

“Hata uku US pahali uko billionaire entertainers cross dressed! Tyler perry, Cedric The Entertainer, Martin Lawrence and many more bro are they Lambistic or its the hustle?” He posed.

Mayau who sells ladies wear, is known for dressing as a woman and cracking jokes as a way of attracting more clients.

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