Laikipia: Police Dig Tunnels To Prevent Cattle Rustling

The National Police Service will dig trenches around Laikipia Nature Conservancy to prevent bandits from stealing animals.

Brigadier Peter Assava, 2nd Brigade Commander, led a multiagency security team in excavating the tunnel along the Laikipia Nature Conservancy road from Wangwachi to Kamwenje on Monday.

Bandits have utilized the road that connects Ol Moran, Kinamba, and Kamwenje in the past as a passage in and out to steal animals from residents.

The tunnel will act as a deterrent for roaming animals migrating from the conservancy to surrounding farmlands in search of water and pasture, damaging crops in the process.

Kinamba Chief Mrs. Leah Ngaru welcomed the project, adding that the area has been notorious with cases of animal theft and that the construction of the tunnel will deter frequent movements by the bandits.

The project is being undertaken by 12 Engineers.

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