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Celebrated musician Otile Brown has urged his fans to vote wisely in the fast-approaching 2022 General Election.   The singer said that Africans are the cause of their own problems thanks to their pride and selfish decisions. “Sometimes we Africans are the cause of our own problems. We’ve suffered for long because of our own selfish decisions. When you vote in a leader is because of ethnicity and being bribed you’re hurting your children, family and friends without knowing,” Otile Brown wrote. 

He told his fans to put aside their feelings and pride while voting and choose their leaders wisely. “There’s no leader who will come to your house and ask you if you’ve eaten. Kenya can be like Europe and we all know that, there’s a possibility. Put aside your feelings and pride and make a wise decision. Change starts with you,” he added. 

Otile Brown went ahead to say that he believes that most Kenyans have learnt from the past and are now wiser, “I believe that we have become wiser, we have learnt but some times I’m saddened when I see how the youth think and conduct their things carelessly. It’s like we don’t want what’s good for us. Life is about choices. Maybe the problems we are facing today could not be there if we were not governed by people with greed, tribalism and selfishness,” he concluded.

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