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Churchill reveals how relative ran his butchery business down 

Classic FM radio presenter Daniel Ndambuki, alias Churchill recently disclosed how his relative ran down his butchery business.

Speaking on his radio show, the comic narrated ths the had started a butchery business and employed his relative from upcountry to run it.

However, Churchill later came to realise that his relative was not selling meat and he would abandon the shop.

“Tunaharaka ya kuwa tajiri kama boss wako, mimi nilikuwa na butchery Siloham, nilikuwa na jamaa hapo mbio alinipeleka na nilimtoa mashambani, wacha tu.

“Nikamwambia nataka tucompete na mighty Mike, ah kumbe yeye anauza huko hauzi yangu aise hata hakai kwa duka and I don’t know why,” said Churchill.

This came days after Kiss FM presenter Jalang’o shared about the tribulation he has gone through while dealing with some of his employees.

Speaking during his show on Kiss 100, Jalang’o said he once started a business with his friends and were hoping to cash in well.

However, that did not happen as their employees were not trustworthy.

”Shaffie Weru and I, plus some few friends of ours opened a pub, The Vault on Baricho Road. All of us were busy doing stuff. So we employed young people to help up in the club,” Jalang’o said. 

The comedian noted that the employees, however, decided to be selling their own alcohol in the club, leaving owners counting losses because theirs were not moving.

Jalang’o said they could actually see from CCTV that business was booming and alcohol was being sold a lot but the returns were not balancing upon stock checking.

The employees were actually running their own businesses inside his business.

”We could actually saw from the CCTV that business was booming and tables were filled with bottles of alcohol. When we did our maths say the following morning, they would tell you they did not make many sales

“We later learnt they were actually running their clubs inside our club. These guys used to bring their own stock and sell them while ours kept chilling on the shelves,” Jalang’o told his co-host Kamene Goro.

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