Coast MP Urges Government To Revive School Feeding Program

An MP now wants the government to revive the school feeding program in all the 11 counties hardest hit by drought. 

Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire said that the move will enable children to remain in schools, even as drought ravages the regions. 

The lawmaker said the drought has affected learning in his constituency which is one of the hard-hit areas in Kilifi County making it difficult for children to remain in school.

Speaking after officially opening three projects of classrooms in three schools built by the National constituency development funds, Mr. Mwambire said there is a serious challenge of water and food that has forced many children do not attend afternoon classes.

The MP officially opened two classrooms at Mulungu wa Mawe, four classrooms at Bodoi, and four others at Katofeni.
At Katsofeni there was no single classroom as the school was affected by strong winds which collapsed the roof a few years ago.

The MP said by reviving the school feeding program it will be easier to retain children at school and improve their performance during this drought season.

“We have a very big problem in Ganze currently many children have been affected by hunger, and water, even though the government plans to distribute relief food in the areas affected by drought-like our area I urge the government to tell the Ministry of education to revive the feeding program,” he said.

He said the government may just come up with githeri as it used to happen in the 1990s it will help retain them in school,
Currently, he said many children do not report to school while others sleep in classes because of hunger which is a major challenge.

“Other children do not report to school completely because of hunger our aim is to make sure all children go to school so as to get a chance to learn and uplift their standards of living,” he said.

The Assistant chief  Palakumi Migumo Miri sub-location Mary Kazia said the drought has affected right from the household level making it difficult for children to get food and water.

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She said it is difficult for a child who has not eaten for three days to go to school, a problem that has contributed to a high absenteeism rate.

“The drought has really affected us because we did not harvest maize for the last three years many homesteads are having difficult times to access food and water,” she said.

Kazia said freshwater is difficult as they get once in three months a problem which has forced locals to depend on dirty water from River Nzovuni which is not safe for drinking.

She said women are forced to wake up early to search for water and return home by 11 am which affects many activities.

“Children go to school late and parents have a hard time searching for food,” she said adding that the government should begin providing relief food to retain the children to school.

Benedict Thethe Kaingu a resident Bodoi said the drought that has affected girls as they are forced to walk for long distances in search of water in a cave.

“We urge the government to supply water in our school as an emergency to enable children to get water at school,” he said.

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