Diana Marua’s Sister Unveils Her Baby’s Face

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Diana Marua’s sister, Michelle, has finally unveiled the face of her newborn son who just turned one month recently. Michelle had earlier said that she doesn’t know how long it’s going to take her to hide her baby’s face because he is so handsome and she doesn’t think she can hide his face from the world. Well, it seems like Michelle stayed true to her words. She shared a video of baby R enjoying some quality time with his dad. Below is the video.


Michelle’s third baby has been treated a good one by his aunt, Diana Marua. Ever since Michelle was in her third trimester, she has received nothing but gifts and presents from Diana. We thought taking care of Michelle’s hospital cover would be it but Diana went as far as renovating Michelle’s house so that the news baby would be comfortable. As seen in the video, Michelle got so emotional once she had her first look at her renovated house. Below are some of the comments from their fans.


I cried with you Michelle😂😘😘kuna watu who bless your life to the extent you run out of words to say,and just run with emotions all over the place.Thank you Diana for being the sister that you are..God bless you more &forever.

Be blessed Auntie Dee for all you have done ✅ and continue to do in the future. Your love to your sist

Have watched Mitch reaction  more than 3times, and I thot I can try hold my tears 😭😭 bt wapi.. Thanks Dee. May ur cup never run dryer have no ends

Dee you such a humble soul with clean heart …I fail to understand the kind of genuine pure goof heart you have …you are just an heaven sent not only to your family but to us as well ..May God continue blessing you so much .I cried and cried myself out ..Mitch is really grateful its clearly shown much love from Me 😍😍🥰🥰

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