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Juliana Kanyomozi celebrates late son on his 18th birthday

Celebrated Ugandan singer Juliana Kanyomozi has shared an emotional video to mark her late son Keron’s birthday who would be turning 18 today.

In an emotional YouTube video, the singer recalled moments she shared with her son when he was still alive and his favourite food.

“I was eating Chinese noodles and I remembered how much he loved them,” she said.

Kanyomozi went ahead to state that she has always dreaded the day her son died and his birthdays because she had no idea how she will feel.

“So I think about him wondering what his birthday would be like, what he would look like how tall it would have been,” she said.


“So In all of this, I have learnt to be more thankful than anything else. To be thankful for the gift of just being a mom to him and what an amazing journey it has been.”

This came weeks after the musician spoke about how hard it was to accept her son’s death, saying prayers have helped her deal with the loss.

She, however, noted that she still hasn’t completely healed.

“I am still a work in progress, but you learn to be stronger, and accept that it happened,” she said.

Keron died on July 20, 2014, after struggling with severe asthma.

He died at the Aga Khan Hospital, where he was receiving treatment.

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