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Musician Lady Jaydee’s brother accuses her of selfishness

Tanzanian singer Lady Jaydee’s brother Double has faulted his sister for not supporting his music career.

Speaking in a recent interview, Double accused his sister of being selfish and failing to commit herself in a joint project.

“It is selfishness or maybe the chemistry is not there. It’s not a must that when you are siblings, you work together. Everyone thinks of themselves,” Double told Wasafi Media.

He added that he expected to be supported when he joined music but he was forced to push himself.

“I came after her and I was supposed to be given support but I have pushed myself. That has helped me to be strong,” added Double.

Double also revealed that he had worked on a project with Lady Jaydee but he never felt the chemistry, terming the project one-sided.

“There’s a time we worked on a song together and I never felt the chemistry. It can never be one-sided. I can’t be the one to always support someone when they give little to zero support back. So I stepped back,” he said.

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