The Wajesus Welcome Their New Baby

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The Wajesus family have launched a new business and they call it their baby. Wait, you thought it was an actual baby? Oh no, sorry to burst your bubbles, it’s just their new business. Kabi wa Jesus gifted Milly this business so that he could empower her.

Speaking on their youtube channel, the two revealed that they came up with the business idea in 2019 but they used the capital that was set aside.

Milly revealed that the main reason why they took too long to make the announcement was that she wanted to be sure first before it was out there to the public. For Kabi, he said that he wanted to understand the dynamics of business before making the announcement. The new business, bossman, deals with men clothing and shoes. Below are some comments from their followers.


I’ve noticed that most of the time Kabi is the one who prays. He knows he’s the priest in his home and takes that position seriously.

This couple awalys made me shed tears because u present Sarah and Abraham, when l remember my x is a narcissist, l pray for my daughter end up tapping this generation couple of waJesus.God bless u.

You are both truly blessed, me and my husband we look up to you we are just a young couple that believe in God and greatness, and you encourage us, because every time we look at what you’ve achieved we are like, “one day this will be us”😭. Keep it up

Cogratulations kabi & milly, after what I saw you guys did. to your cucu and the charity you have been doing to people, am not surprised to hear you guys are doing big ❤️❤️ my prayer is May God expand you guys to great dimensions not only nationwide but also internationally 🌎

May the blessings and favour of the most high God never stop overflowing in your home and your business, you’re and adorable family and God loves you .much love and congratulations to you!

Wajesus new baby

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