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Actress Wilbroda talks dating as a single mother, having another child

Media personality and actress Jacque Nyaminde, otherwise known was Wilbroda has explained why it is hard to date as a single mother.

Speaking in a recent interview, the mother of one said his child plays a big role in any decision she mades when it comes to dating.

Wilbroda further explained that she has not interacted with a man who would reallt capture her heart and be a mentor to his son.

“I think the moment you become a mother then if this guy is not right for you, he’s not right for your child. Like in any decision that you make, your child plays a very big role in that decision… Actually right now I’m not in a hurry, I tell myself a time will come when I will be ready because I’m good as I am

“So it’s not the right time and I’ve not gotten some one who has just captured my heart and I feel this is someone that can be a role model and a mentor to my son,” said Wilbroda.

She also disclosed that does not want another kid at the moment, adding that she is currently taking care of other children.

“I don’t think I want. People find it funny when I tell them I don’t want a kid… For me I can say for sure that getting another baby is not is not in my plans. I’m okay right now with my son

“I have nephews and nieces. Like right now I live with my nephew and niece, so my house is full already and they all call me mother, so I don’t feel like I have one child,” she said. 

On how life has changed following the COVID-19 pandemic, Wilbroda said;

“I have been on 50% salary for the last two years and a part from that, gigs that used to come often don’t come any more. For me it was like from around October I had gigs weekend after weekends that I would charge and make Sh600,000 in a week because I had a lot of gigs but that doesn’t happen anymore,” she stated. 


“Sometimes I sit and I can’t believe that this is actually me. I would get to the super market, I never went with a shopping list, I pick whatever I see because I was not thinking but now I have a list and you don’t find me misusing money. COVID-19 came with a lot of challenges but I choose to look at the positive things that it has brought to my life,” she said in part.

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