Drama As Woman Strips Late MOI’s Deadbeat Grandson For Impregnating Her Twice And Jumping The Ship

Gladys Jeruto Tagi, the woman who sired two kids with late former President Daniel Arap Moi’s grandson has come out to refute claims that Collins Kibet Moi is broke as he had told a court.

Mr Collins Toroitich Moi appears in a Nakuru court on July 27, 2016 charged with stealing from a relative two mobile phones valued at Sh10, 000 while at a family dinner at Nakuru ASK Showground on July 14. He denied the charges. Suleiman Mbatiah (Nakuru) 160727 In her court submission, Gladys claimed that Collins is a man of means and lives a lavish lifestyle, and only misrepresented facts to avoid his parental responsibilities.

She stated that despite earlier claims that Collins is broke and only depends on friends for handouts, he is a trained pilot with enough resources to support his kids.

Besides, Collins drives an expensive motor vehicle model V8 Prado, which he can maintain.

Apart from that, Tagi argued that Moi earns huge dividends from his late father’s estate and he is not living a parasitic life as earlier stated in court.

Collins had earlier told the court that he is financially strained to an extent that he could not support his kids in school and that he can only afford NHIF for them.

He is embroiled in a court battle with Tagi, who is demanding Ksh1 million upkeep for their son and daughter.

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