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Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime shared her journey to motherhood after struggling to get a childKansiime said her journeys to fertility was affected by things that happened a long time ago. “My journey to getting pregnant is not a short one, it started a long time ago. When I was still in school and lifestyle that affect our fertility right from the start. I tried to investigate and see why it was so hard for me to conceive and I was told that my tubes were blocked and we started the process of unblocking them and it is painful,” she said.

The mother on one also said that she decided to go slow on getting a child after failing an IVF test. “When I started thinking of getting pregnant in this particular relationship, I was just thinking I wasn’t ready to go through the pain that I’ve been through before so I tried IVF and it didn’t pass, there are some tests you fail in life and you can’t convince yourself anything, you feel like a failure. After the IVF test failed I decided to chill,” said Kansiime

Kansiime revealed how she realised she was pregnant, noting that she was going about her business when her personal assistant realised her protruding tummy. “One day I was shooting in Kampala and I was wearing a tight dress and while we were taking photos by the petrol station, I remember she was telling me to tuck in and it didn’t occur to me why she was telling me to tuck in.

On our way home from that shoot, my manager said she wants to pass by a pharmacy and when we stopped, she bought pregnancy test kits but she did not show me. Usually, I drop her off before I go home but on that day she kept the kit on the glove compartment and when I got home to she told me check your glove compartment for the kits,” she said. 

Kansiime decided to take the pregnancy kits to the house three days and was shocked to learn that she was finally pregnant. “Three days later, I picked the kits and the next morning I was like, ‘why don’t I do a test’ I did the test and it turned positive, I got another kit and it turned positive again and I immediately called my nurse,” said Kansiime.

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