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Musician Kambua Manundu has gotten a memorial ring in honour of her departed son, baby Malachi Manundu Muthiga Mathu. In a social media post, the singer said she always wanted to get a memorial jewellery following her son’s death so that she could wear it all the time.

One of the things I really wanted to do after my baby boy got his angel wings, was to get some memorial jewellery. I wanted something precious, but also functional. Something I could always wear and remember that Malachi was here,” wrote Kambua

In February, Kambua announced the demise of her son, revealing that he passed away days after he was born. “He was everything we hoped for, and more, much more. Perfect in every way. Malachi knew how much he was loved, and so he did all he could to stay with us. With the help of a most dedicated team of doctors and nurses, our little baby fought, until Jesus healed him by taking him to Himself,” she wrote. 

Kambua requested her fans to give her family time to process the loss, promising to respond to all their messages in due time. “We may not know how to navigate the days ahead, but God does. And so we trust Him, a moment at a time,” she added.

The singer announced her second pregnancy in November 2020, after which she released a song titled Neema, expressing her gratitude to God for the beautiful gift. The couple had stayed for seven years without a child and in August 2019 they welcomed their first born child, Baby Nathaniel

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