Kenyans Demand DNA For Ali Kiba’s ‘Kenyan Son’

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A section of Kenyans online is now demanding a Kenyan teenager who claims to be the son of Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba to produce a DNA result to prove his claims.

The teenager, identified as Big Poin, claims that his mother, whose name was not mentioned, told him that the Bongo star was his father.

He has been carrying a placard around Nairobi asking Kenyans to help him reach his purported father. He said that he wants to meet Ali Kiba to be sure if he is his real father as claimed by the mother.

“Hello, Kenyans my name is Big Poin. I’m looking for my father who goes by the name Ali Kiba!! My mum just opened up and told me who my biological father was. I need help,” he wrote on the placard.

Kenyans have come out to give varied views about the teenager’s allegations. Some of them suggested that the boy must produce a paternity rest result to prove his point. Others claimed that the boy was messing around and just needed public attention.

“DNA ndo tunataka 😂Sio mdomo mdomo😂,” one nairobikulture said.

“Jameni ulimwengu unaenda wapi… Huyo jamaa anakaa kua baba ya ali kiba bana…” one fadhela__the_icon said.

“Aaiii Enyewe Dunia ikona sarakasi😂😂😂” one southiist added.

As others doubted his claims, some social media users were convinced he could be Ali Kiba’s son. They claimed Big Poin resembled the Tanzanian singer.

“😂😂😂walai wanafanana😂😂” one glockboymalcolm noted.

“😂lakini mapua Zina fanana😂” kavithe also noted.

Hizo macho zinafanana though 😹😹😹😹💔🙌,” shiq_anita added.

As the debate continues among Kenyans on whether the young man is Ali Kiba’s son or not, we are yet to see what the Tanzania singer will do about his claims.

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