Mystery As Kidnapper Release Victim, Gives Him Bus Fare

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The mystery surrounding the abduction of Mombasa businessman Abdulhakim Sagar has deepened as the victim is not willing to share his ordeal.

Sources claim Sagar and the other two victims were abducted by the police before being taken to an undisclosed area for questioning about Kenya, Somalia, and two other countries.

Mr. Sagar was abducted on August 18, after seven armed men accosted him at Old Town, Mombasa, and forced him into a double cabin pick-up that sped off.

Following the incident, Coast regional commissioner John Elungata claimed that the businessman was not abducted but had been taken in by the police for investigations. But regional boss Manase Musyoka came out to refute the claims that Sagar had been arrested by the police. Musyoka claimed that the only report the police had was that of a missing person.

Last week, Wajir Senator Ali Abdullahi challenged the government to come clean on the abductions of Sagar and other victims.

“Outline the measures the Ministry of Interior has put in place, if any, to establish the whereabouts of Abdisamad and any other missing person and to bring to book the persons involved in such heinous acts,” the senator said.

Given bus fare

Sagar was later released on Sunday by his abductors in a forest near Voi town. According to reports, the abductors gave the businessman Ksh.2,000 for a bus fare to ferry him back to Mombasa.

“Whereas we are happy that he was released safely and in good health, our concerns and questions remain: Who abducted him?

What was the motive of the abduction,” Mombasa Senator Mohammed Faki said on Monday as reported by People Daily?

Sagar’s family claim that it is the police who abducted him and held him incommunicado at an unknown location.

“My brother informed us that he was set free by his captives, at an area near Tsavo park, in Voi.

He was ordered to get his own means and go back to his family; he waited until 5 am in the morning to travel,” Farid Sagar, the victim’s brother said as reported by the publication.

According to reports, Sagar was not tortured by his abductors but has refused to narrate the events of his abduction.

The police has since denied getting involved in the abduction or arrest of Mr. Sagar.

“At no time was Sagar arrested or detained by police, that police do not abduct … during the abduction I was not aware of any security operation by any unit of the police service relating to Sagar,” Coast regional police commander Musyoka said in an affidavit.

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