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Natalie Githinji reveals association with Nakuru doctor accused of killing children, attempting suicide

NRG Radio presenter Natalie Githinji has disclosed her association with a Nakuru doctor who allegedly killed his children and attempted suicide.

In an Instagram video, the youthful presenter said James Muriithi Gakara was her doctor for two years, adding that she was surprised to learn of the incident.

“This guy has been treating me for like two years and he took me through the journey of endometriosis. He is the only doctor who diagnosed my condition when all others were just prescribing drugs,” she said.

Githinji added that Gakara played a big role in giving her hopes when his condition was getting worse, adding that he was a darling of many and patients would line up outside his office in large numbers to get his services.

“This guy used to advise me yet maybe he was going through things in his family. He was very popular and always had a line of people waiting for a consultation

“Sometimes there are people encouraging you yet they have given up on themselves but see a purpose in you,” added Githinji.

The family of Gakara has since dismissed claims that he killed his children and attempted suicide, alleging a foul play in the whole incident.

“I know my brother very well. He would do anything to protect his children. He is also not the kind of person to commit such an act

“He loves his family and we have never heard of any differences between my brother and his wife. They have always been happy,” Mary Gakara, Dr Gakara’s sister said. 

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