Popular TV anchor exposes a man who has been stalking her for a year, asks DCI to intervene

KBC anchor, Purity Museo, has raised concerns over a man who keeps on stalking her.

Taking to her official Twitter page, the eloquent TV anchor said the man is obsessed with her to an extent of hanging her photos in his room.

She has warned him several times and blocked him but he keeps on stalking her with new accounts.

Purity wants DCI to intervene because she fears for her life.

The man started the behaviours last year and at one time, he created social media accounts that had both their names.

“Fellow Kenyans. I need help to stop this man. He has my photos in his room and when I block him, he creates new accounts and tags me in these photos. 

“I don’t know him. I have warned him severally in vain. I don’t find this normal,” she wrote.

“There was a time he created an account that had both our names. When I warned him that I would report him is when he immediately changed the name. 

“So yesterday (Tuesday, September 21), he took my photos and tagged my co-anchors and KBC. One of the handles for Radio Taifa tagged me and that is when I realised that this has become too much,” she added.

The said man is reportedly an ICT lecturer in one of the local institutions.

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